My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Beauty

Hand decorated by the hands of Mother Nature and Father God.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hearts Galore

Yesterday we had a little heart get together and we had pretty hearts all over the place.  It was great fun.

Here are a couple of photos of what we did:

We made these little pin/needle booklets -
a project that Toni came up with.
Unfortunately I took this photo
after Terri and Toni left.

These were the pincushions for our exchange.
Fun stuff!
I'll have more photos another day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Pincushions

Here are a couple of pincushions that I stitched recently. 
One is for an exchange. 
I hope to show you some others later today.

This is the one I made to exchange. 
It's an old Prairie Schooler pattern
that I added the word friends to in place of the alphabet letters.
I hope whoever receives this likes it.
It was a fun stitch.

This is from a BBD Reward of Merit pattern.
I didn't center it properly on the fabric,
so I had to leave part out.
Made into a cute little pincushion.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Fine Finish From LZ

Linda - aka Super Stitcher! - finished her Mary Wigham just in the nick of time to frame it
and enter it in the WRSG 2010 Contract Piece Challenge. 
The sampler didn't win, but received many oooohs and aaaahs.

The actual piece looks much more beautiful than this photo. 
Linda used the hand dyed silks from Vicki Clayton for this piece. 
I can't remember the name of the Lakeside Linen she used,
but it is a beautiful green and goes great with the silks. 
She won a free frame at a shop hop contest and chose this one for Mary.

Great job, LZ.

I'll post more projects that were in the Contract Piece Challenge soon.

The lower left hand portion of the piece.