My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Teases and Stitching

An absolutely beautiful day here today...heading up to about 70 degrees with wall to wall sunshine and some breezes.  That is perfect in my book.  All the spring plants and trees are behind this year, but that's OK.  There is plenty of time for the hot weather.  Here is a picture of the little violas I have outside my front door in a rusty basket.  Do any of you call these Johnny Jump Ups?

I've had these out there for about a month now.  They, like me, like the cooler weather.

I have a couple of photos to share of two of Rose's finishes that gathered a boat load of ribbons at the recent Medina Needlework Show. A photo of a piece that Carol stitched. And a photo of my progress on Ann Bowers.

Anniversary Roses, or Briar Roses - Lauren Sauer.
This extra long sampler is absolutely beautiful,
and Rose's stitching of it is superb.
Obviously the judges thought so, too.

Blue Ribbon - I think that's the name of it - from Sherrie Jones - Patrick's Woods.
An amazing piece also finished superbly by Rose and
rewarded appropriately by the judges.
A really gorgeous biscornu stitched by Carol.
The pine cones were stitched for her by Rose in
detached buttonholes.
This one brought home one ribbon.

Here is my progress on Ann Bowers, the 2013 SAL from
Attic Needlework.  I am right on with the published stitching schedule.
A real victory for me.
I have a few more stitches to add and one correction,
and then I will move Ann up on the frame and
start work on an almost clean slate.
I'll miss seeing this,
but the colorful little wording and dividing lines
coming next really look fun.

This weekend I went up to Michigan with three stitching buddies and took Barbara Jackson's Looking for Lunch class, which is one of her pretty little stitched strawberries.  We had so much fun meeting up with other stitching friends for various activities over the weekend.

I did terrible in class, which is my usual M.O.  Worked on the berry yesterday, in the quiet of my own mind, and was able to do better and get things going properly.  Lots of Queen stitches, though.  They are not my strong suite, but I will get them in there one way or another!

Happy stitching, everyone.  Enjoy this day.


Friday, March 22, 2013

IHSW Photo Post - Part 2

Hi, Again -

Be sure to look at the post below this one, too.  Once again I could not get all the photos to be where I wanted them, so I broke it into two posts.

This post will be devoted to four of Rose's finishes.  She puts most of us to shame.  Without further ado, here are four photos of work from Rose, who we affectionately refer to as our OA (Over Achiever).

Here is Rose's version of the mystery sampler
from With thy Needle and Thread.
As you can see, she changed the birds to cardinals
partly because that is our State bird.
Nice going.

An older finish from Rose awaiting framing.
If anyone knows the name and designer,
please let us know.

Really cute finish of
Eileen Bennett's
Little Green Acorns Band Sampler.
This was a class last year
at WRSG.
You have to see this one in person to really
see how cute it came out.

Rose's annual Valentine for her hubby
awaiting framing.
This is from Drawn Thread.
Rose says it was a lot of fun to stitch.
Has all those different stitches in it
that DT is famous for.

Well, that's it for today.  On to the things that must get done like things for work, getting tax info organized, tidy up the place, etc.  Hoping to make some time for my own stitching later today...haven't had the chance to do any since last Sunday!

Have a wonderful stitching weekend everyone...still definitely stitching weather here in Ohio.  At least we don't have to feel guilty for not working in the yard!


IHSW Post - Better Late Than Never, I Hope

Hi, Everyone -

As promised I have some of the photos that I took at last weekend's gala get together at Rose's house.
It was a Hermit and Stitching Weekend extraordinaire...not sure about the hermit part!

Rose hosts these huge weekends for stitching three or four times a year, sometimes with a teacher, and sometimes just a stitch-in.  This St. Patrick's Day Weekend event was a stitch-in.

We had fun, did some stitching, did some un-stitching, ate too much (way too much green candy there...especially those green mint M&M's...yum), did a couple of little take home bead projects with the assistance of Diane and Sue, and just enjoyed each others' company.

The big announcement was regarding a big finish by Kim.  Unfortunately in all the fun and excitement, I didn't get a photo of her finish, so I'll keep that announcement until I can get a photo.

Here are some of the photos I have to share with you now.  I don't know the names of all of these pieces.  Feel free to comment and let me know if you recognize what they are.

I found that I couldn't add a second set of photos where I wanted them on this post, so I will make two posts today.

This post is devoted to Kim H.'s beautiful work:

This beauty was stitched by Kim H.
She told me the name of it, but I didn't write it down,
so, of course, I don't remember.
Kim...or someone...please let us know the name
of this sampler and who published it.
A close up of the house from the above sampler.
A smaller finish from Kim H.
She has really been on a roll lately.
Again, let us know if you know the info on this one.
Kim's finish of the three part mystery sampler
of a couple of years ago
from With thy Needle and Thread,
with sheep according to Kim.
Nice finish.
I never got beyond part 1.

See you on post 2!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IHSW - Photos on the Way...Just Not Today!

Hi, Stitchers -

I am simply swamped this week.  I haven't had a chance to visit any of your blogs to see what happened over Hermit Weekend, let alone post my photos, etc.  I'm hoping to get this done tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

A little tease...we had "Hermit Weekend" x 18 on Saturday and x 15 on Sunday at Rose's house. 
I have lots of stitching pictures to share with you...just no time.

In the meantime, thanks to the couple of new followers to the blog, and continuing thanks to the ongoing followers.  I shall share the eye candy soon.

I hope all of you are having a nicer day than here in Cleveland.  Spring is starting with 28 degrees, and a forecast of 4 - 8 inches of snow by Friday morning.  I certainly won't complain, though, because we have missed most of those big winter storms this year - not too bad of a winter at all. 
I just can't let myself dwell on the fact that for about a week it has been 20 degrees below what is the expected normal for this point.

Onward to other back soon.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ann Bowers - My Way

I decided I'd better take a couple of photos of Ann's almost time to move her up on the stitching frame...a victory.

Ann Bowers from The Examplarery is the 2013 SAL at Attic Needlework.  I started stitching in mid January and have been pretty dedicated to her.  Unfortunately (for Ann) Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year SAL will be taking some time away from Ann, but I will not dessert her!

I think part of the reason why I have enjoyed stitching this piece so much is because she is in a Millennium of those big ones from the UK.  Love it.  The fabric is so nice and taut and I have adjusted to stitching with the frame on my lap, although I am considering one of their floor stands.

Anyway, here is my version, only slightly changed, of Ann Bowers:

Fabric looks pretty washed out here.
It's that kind of day in Cleveland today.

A close up of my start on the first wide floral band.
I'm really disappointed in these photos; Ann looks prettier than this!

I can't remember what fabric she is on; I think I'm working on 36 count.  I really must start keeping a little book with this kind of information in it.  The silks are NPI.  I changed a couple of the colors from bright peachy rosy to the wine colors that you see, which makes me very happy.  When I complete this wide band I will be about one third of my way down.  She's a fun stitch.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anyone Working On A Scarlet Letter Sampler?

Are any of you working on a Scarlet Letter sampler,
have one in your WIPs, or thinking about stitching one soon?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions,
or even if you haven't thought of it,
why not consider joining in what has turned out to be a huge stitching event
here in blog land.

Nicola, a very accomplished stitcher 
with a beautiful B&B in a beautiful setting 
and a beautiful blog...lots of eye candy here,
turned 50 this year, 
and has really found a way to celebrate!

Take a look at her blog and link to the two participation blogs shown.
The first one filled really quickly (100 participants).
The second (I was accepted into today) is filling fast.
There are drawings, shared information about stitching,
and, of course lots of eye candy and chatter from 
stitchers around the globe.

Are any of my followers participating?  
Please drop a line here
so I can specifically check out your work on the blogs.
If not, and if you can fit a Scarlet Letter sampler 
into your over crowded stitching schedule,
please check it all out and consider joining up.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Poor Neglected Blog

I feel guilty and sad for having neglected this blog for so long.  I hope to give her a fresh look soon and, of course, to begin posting on a regular basis again.

I just wanted to briefly tell you about the fun day we had yesterday...Carol and I traveled up to Perrysburg Ohio to spend the day with some stitching friends.  We stitched, gabbed, laughed, and laughed some more.  We took a break to walk across the street for lunch.  Following that half of us walked into town a couple of blocks (Perrysburg was having their Winter Festival).  Lots of ice carvings either finished or in progress.  We stopped into Thrush's Bakery/Baking Store and then went on to Yarn Cravin', a wonderful yarn shop.  Both will merit return visits in the future.

I have been knitting scarves since my trip to Woodstock, VT in October.  Thus, I felt it necessary to replenish my stock yesterday.  Here are the beautiful pastel yarns I picked up at Yarn Cravin' (I already had the spring pastel wools).

I couldn't resist.
A bunch of us have been knitting the ruffled scarves from a Liberty Wool publication.  The four skeins on the right are more Liberty Wools.

Here is a photo of the LW scarf I knitted for my daughter for Christmas.  (obviously all rolled up)

She and I both agree that wearing a little soft wool around your neck on some of these blustery winter days feels quite comfy and luxurious.

Stitching - I am working on the 2013 SAL from Attic Needlework entitled The Ann Bowers Sampler from The Examplarery.  I am right on the stitching schedule, so feel good about my start.  I am enjoying Ann very much, as well as stitching for the first time using my wooden frame from England.  More on both of those in the near future.

I hope to hear from some of you...I know I have neglected everything online for months (except Pinterest!!).

Take care, keep cozy and warm, and I will be back soon.