My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Hermits - Part II

I don't know whether it is me or blogger, 
but now there is some muttering coming from me.
Anyway, on to part two of our IHSW post.

Toni forgot her stitching (!) 
so we suggested that she start the patchwork lid
for the Treasure box in BBD's Weekend booklet, 
with the delicious Blueberry Crumbcake fabrics.

She had to leave early to go to a class that, 
upon arrival at the shop,
she found had been cancelled 
three hours earlier.
Muttering from Toni, too.

With a couple of last minute changes,
I was able to complete BBD's Wild Garden,
also with a little muttering
that seems to accompany unstitching. 

As noted earlier,
I decided to stitch this in memory of
my Mother who passed away
one month and one day before the completion of this piece.
 OK, here is the real eye candy.
Rose has been diligently working on her Button Book
from Patrick's Woods (Sherri Jones).
The class was last month.

Rose has been busy not only stitching
but collecting buttons
from ebay and other sources.

This is an amazing piece.
And all are unique because of the buttons that 
you choose to treasure.
P.S. Some muttering from Rose's corner of the world, too!

Yes, there was a lot of murmuring and muttering going on...
you know how it is when you seem to have forgotten how to count.

All this was outweighed by sharing time and laughs and stories 
with stitching gal pals.

Happy Stitching, All!

April Hermits

It was a perfect weekend to hibernate and stitch here in northeast Ohio. 

Saturday I was a true hermit, and I put a few hours into Wild Garden.  

Sunday three stitching friends came over 
for our fourth straight month of IHSW get togethers.
We started with a quick, easy brunch.  
I made an easy little frittata with asparagus and cheese 
and put together the fresh fruit cups.
Carol made the chopped veggie salad.
Everything tasted really good.
You'd think I would have ironed the tablecloth!
Then on to the stitching.
Carol was just getting started on a Merry Cox project.
I think she told me that it is called So Dear to Thy Heart.
Not sure what was going on,
but there was some muttering coming from Carol's corner of the world!

Well, blogger is not allowing me to post photosin the order that I want, so I am going to divide this post into two sections.(I hate when that happens!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thank You Again, and Now on to Hermitting!

Thank you, blogging friends, for signing up as followers even though I have hardly posted at all lately.
I have passed the illusive 50 follower mark and then some.

Thank you, specific blogging friends for nominating this meager blog for the Leibster Award even though I have not yet acted on it.

I am grateful.  I'm just behind in everything right now.

I am going to try to post more...almost immediately!  I will try to study the Leibster rules and see what needs to be done to react properly to that blog honor.  I will begin thinking of an upcoming giveaway to celebrate 50+.

In the meantime, I have to go make a frittata...I'm having some friends over for ISHW fun this afternoon.  This means stitching fun today and picture sharing tomorrow.  Oh, gosh, they will be here in half an hour.  Must go.

To all fellow Hermiters, have fun today.  I wonder how many stitches will be put in place in the name of Hermie!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 WIPocalypse - Fourth Full Moon

Hi, stitch fanatics -

Another month with stitching ADD!  I keep having to adjust my WIPocalypse list to accommodate all the new starts I have made this year.  Will I ever learn?

This past month has been a sad and hectic one.  I have managed to stitch a little on the two projects my guild is working on for Christmas in July 2013 SAL, Victoria Sampler's Twelve Days and BBD's Christmas Garden.  I'll show those next month when the photos will, I hope, have more progress to see.

I also started BBD's recent limited edition pattern, Wild Garden, on which I plan to include my Mother's initials and birth and death dates.  Then Thursday I looked at my pattern for Spring Eggs III from Sandra at Homespun Elegance - Plain & Fancy Collection and thought, "I can get these three little eggs stitched by Easter, and just assemble them afterward."  That would have been an OK plan, had I not stitched the chick on the first egg in totally the wrong place, which, of course required unstitching and restitching.  Oh well, life goes on.  Here are my two photos for the month:

BBD Wild Garden using
specified fibers and
Picture This Plus 40 count Legacy linen

Egg #1 from Homespun Elegance,
Plain & Fancy Collection
using pastel 32 count linens
and silks of my choosing

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter weekend.  Be well.