My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day .... More

About five minutes after I posted the first batch of May Day flowers,
my doorbell rang...I looked out...and no one was there!
Even though May Day was on my mind,
my first thought was...did I really hear the door bell?
Second I have a door bell on my back door?
Then reality hit and I looked out the front door...
but down low...
and saw this beautiful little May Day bouquet...
all in the colors that I love.
A treasured little gift
from a secret (NOT) friend
on May Day.
Thanks for making my day!

Sending out mental May Day baskets to everyone...


  1. Not especially a 'May' post but I've been wondering and wondering about your Mary. I have the chart and the goods and am getting ready to start her. Ever since I first saw yours I've tried to put those colors together with what's on the chart. First off I'd best admit to being seriously chart-challenged; I've done crewel restoration work for the last 40 years and have always been half afraid of chartwork :( . So now this morning I looked again at yours and it occurred to me that maybe you're using a variegated thread?? I've finally decided it's my thread choice that's holding me back. I have brick-y colors, which I like but think I need to look at another company's threads as somehow these are not 'gelling'; maybe another has a better run of brick colors/shades.

    You have a lovely effect, any way you're doing it, but now all day I've gone back time and again trying to figure it out. If you'd care to clear my muddy mind...I'd love it!


  2. SJ -
    I am embarrassed to say that I have not stitched a stitch on my Mary for a couple of months. I got it in my head that I hated the fabric (30 count stitched over 1) and was going to change to a 40 count over 2. Then I got side tracked on other things.

    I love the colors I have used thus far. I am using various shades of green and blue (and ivory)silks from Belle Soie and Gloriana. Almost everyone thinks it's crazy when I mention it, but most are drawn to it when they see it.

    Maybe I should just get on with it as is. I do love the look of the stitching!

    Thanks for commenting and maybe inspiring me to pick up Mary as is. Please stop by again and let me know what you decide on. Sorry it took so long for me to see your comment.