My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

As Promised, More From Last Weekend

As promised, here are more photos that I took at the big stitching bash at Rose's last weekend:

I think this sampler was one that Rhonda stitched and had framed.
If I'm incorrect on this, please, someone, let me know and I will edit my post.
Beautiful stitching finished in a great frame.

This is one of those absolutely wonderful over one designs
from Maureen Appleton.
It is totally awesome in person.
I think this was stitched by Joan.
Again, if this isn't correct, please let me know.
I can't check with Rose today.
Love this...and the frame.

Totally sweet little purse and shoe combo.
I'm in trouble again...
I think these belong to Joann
but were stitched by Joan.
Please tell me if I am wrong,
and I will correct.

The sweet little spring design from
Widgets & Wool
stitched by Pat.
This is on my to do list.

Another cute little stitch by Little House
stitched by Pat.
Makes me want to sing every time I see this!

Pat made this pin cube...and the pins.
Really pretty.

More from Rhonda.
This is the Eileen O'Brien Sampler
that was published in Antique Sampler and Needlework.
I focused in on the diamond row because
Linda talked Rhonda into adding some
texture and interest in the piece
by stitching the diamonds in Rhodes stitches.
Rhonda liked to remind us that this meant
521 Rhodes stitches!
I think it was worth it.
They really stand out and look great,
don't they?

An older piece stitched by Rose
that still needs to be put together.
This is a design from Lauren Sauer - Brooch Receiver.
Beautiful, and aren't those buttons perfect
lily of the valley?

Sandy's Twelve Days from Victoria Sampler.
She is leading this project in the WRSG
Christmas in July 2013 SAL.
Right on schedule, Sandy.

Here is Toni's start on BBD's Christmas Garden.
She is leading this project in the WRSG
Christmas in July 2013 SAL.
Maybe a little behind schedule?
Me too!
We had many laughs, too much food (we didn't even need to order in on Sunday, just feasted again on what was brought and grilled on Saturday), a lot of wonderful stitching projects to dream of doing ourselves, and great girl time together.  Thanks, Rose, for hosting, and for everyone who participated.  Great memories.


  1. This is another lovely feast for the eyes - thanks for sharing!

  2. So many gorgeous pieces - real eye candy!

  3. What an impressive array of needlework from your weekend!! I love them all--especially that little over one Maureen Appleton finish... I'll bet it was hard to say goodbye to everyone when the weekend ended!

  4. Thank you for the lovely pictures! So much beautiful projects, I really cannot choose a favorite, altough the Eilen O'Brien sampler would make a chance.

  5. Can I stay home and stitch today? seeing these finishes inspire me and make me itch to stitch.
    It looks like you had another lovely weekend.

  6. Gorgeous projects! Thank you so much for the eye candies :)


  7. What lovely beautiful projects. Each one is prettier than the other. Thanks a lot for sharing these :) Very inspiring

  8. Of course, I'm behind! LOL I have WAY too many projects going, but I will stitch on! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Your photography really makes everything look wonderful.

  9. Lots to drool over! I adore that little purse! So sweet!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!