My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anyone Working On A Scarlet Letter Sampler?

Are any of you working on a Scarlet Letter sampler,
have one in your WIPs, or thinking about stitching one soon?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions,
or even if you haven't thought of it,
why not consider joining in what has turned out to be a huge stitching event
here in blog land.

Nicola, a very accomplished stitcher 
with a beautiful B&B in a beautiful setting 
and a beautiful blog...lots of eye candy here,
turned 50 this year, 
and has really found a way to celebrate!

Take a look at her blog and link to the two participation blogs shown.
The first one filled really quickly (100 participants).
The second (I was accepted into today) is filling fast.
There are drawings, shared information about stitching,
and, of course lots of eye candy and chatter from 
stitchers around the globe.

Are any of my followers participating?  
Please drop a line here
so I can specifically check out your work on the blogs.
If not, and if you can fit a Scarlet Letter sampler 
into your over crowded stitching schedule,
please check it all out and consider joining up.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I am working on Emma Miles. You can see pics on the first SAL blog or on my blog at

    I love the piece in your blog header!

  2. I'm happy to report that at least three of my close stitching friends have requested to join in the fun in this SAL. I hope there's still space available.