My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Friday, March 22, 2013

IHSW Post - Better Late Than Never, I Hope

Hi, Everyone -

As promised I have some of the photos that I took at last weekend's gala get together at Rose's house.
It was a Hermit and Stitching Weekend extraordinaire...not sure about the hermit part!

Rose hosts these huge weekends for stitching three or four times a year, sometimes with a teacher, and sometimes just a stitch-in.  This St. Patrick's Day Weekend event was a stitch-in.

We had fun, did some stitching, did some un-stitching, ate too much (way too much green candy there...especially those green mint M&M's...yum), did a couple of little take home bead projects with the assistance of Diane and Sue, and just enjoyed each others' company.

The big announcement was regarding a big finish by Kim.  Unfortunately in all the fun and excitement, I didn't get a photo of her finish, so I'll keep that announcement until I can get a photo.

Here are some of the photos I have to share with you now.  I don't know the names of all of these pieces.  Feel free to comment and let me know if you recognize what they are.

I found that I couldn't add a second set of photos where I wanted them on this post, so I will make two posts today.

This post is devoted to Kim H.'s beautiful work:

This beauty was stitched by Kim H.
She told me the name of it, but I didn't write it down,
so, of course, I don't remember.
Kim...or someone...please let us know the name
of this sampler and who published it.
A close up of the house from the above sampler.
A smaller finish from Kim H.
She has really been on a roll lately.
Again, let us know if you know the info on this one.
Kim's finish of the three part mystery sampler
of a couple of years ago
from With thy Needle and Thread,
with sheep according to Kim.
Nice finish.
I never got beyond part 1.

See you on post 2!


  1. Lovely pictures! Can't wait for the next post.

  2. Everything is just gorgeous!!!!! I especially love the big sampler so I will be checking back to find out the name of it :-).

  3. Absolutely LOVE that first sampler! I would definitely be interested in knowing the name and the designer. The verse is just wonderful!! Laura