My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Saturday, May 5, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012 - Super Full Moon in May

Good morning!  I hope everyone is going to have a weekend full of beautiful May weather like we are anticipating here in Cleveland.

I am posting my WIPocalypse post early in the day in the hope that I will be able to spot that super full moon tonight.  I think they said the moon will appear 14% larger than normal and 30% brighter.  Gotta love that!

This month was mostly about BBD for me.  I finished Wild Garden (see earlier post).  I still have not had it framed.

I re-started Christmas Garden, after seeing Rita's beautiful over one thread start at WRSG.  I wasn't liking my start and decided to switch to the over one plan, which I am loving!!!  Not enough to show you yet...maybe next month.

I have a modest start to show on Spring's Song - Treasure Box.  I love this piece.  I don't plan to stitch the sampler in the Loose Feathers booklet, but will do the box lid and the little bird.  So far I have part of the quick and easy one third across the top stitched.  The middle section will take more time.

BBD Spring's Song Treasure Box start

Strawberry Bleu - The Purple Thread

And lastly I started a quirky strawberry pattern from The Purple Thread.  I changed the blue thread to purple.

I look forward to checking out a bunch of blogs from fellow WIPocalypsers Monday.  Have fun, stitch much, and don't forget to check out the moon tonight.  (Howl, if you must!)


  1. Lovely updates.
    I hope the moon will shine bright tonight.

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. Very nice WIPs - I just started Spring's Song too today, it's so pretty.

  3. I love Blackbird designs and the ones that you are currently stitching are among my favorites!!! I really like your purple substitution on the Purple Thread piece! :-))

  4. I prefer your colour choice to the given one; good call. Very pretty stitching.

  5. That moon was really big and bright last night! I'm up in NY visiting my parents and we had a wonderful view of it.

    Love the color changes you you are making in "The Purple Thread." That certainly makes sense to be stitching with purple :) Pretty start on "The Treasure Box," too... Hope your Sunday is filled with some time to stitch, Bobbi!

  6. Thank you for checking by my progress.
    Your stitching looks very detailed! I like it very much.
    Hope you got to see the moon - I certainly have - with the broken curtains would be impossible not to. I think my great aunt once said that sleeping under a full moon is a bad omen and inspires sleep walking. Good luck for next month!

  7. Beautiful starts Bobbi!
    I work in a pharmacy and everyone always says that they can tell when it is a full moon. I am glad a didn't work yesterday. LOL.

  8. Bobbi -- Nice progress on Spring Song! I love that little strawberry you started and great change to make it purple and make it your own:)

    Have a good Sunday

  9. I missed the moon and so mad that I did!! Anywho, lovely stitching Bobbi! Your starts are so pretty!!