My Mary Wigham - Row 1

My Mary Wigham - Row 1

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Hermits - Part II

I don't know whether it is me or blogger, 
but now there is some muttering coming from me.
Anyway, on to part two of our IHSW post.

Toni forgot her stitching (!) 
so we suggested that she start the patchwork lid
for the Treasure box in BBD's Weekend booklet, 
with the delicious Blueberry Crumbcake fabrics.

She had to leave early to go to a class that, 
upon arrival at the shop,
she found had been cancelled 
three hours earlier.
Muttering from Toni, too.

With a couple of last minute changes,
I was able to complete BBD's Wild Garden,
also with a little muttering
that seems to accompany unstitching. 

As noted earlier,
I decided to stitch this in memory of
my Mother who passed away
one month and one day before the completion of this piece.
 OK, here is the real eye candy.
Rose has been diligently working on her Button Book
from Patrick's Woods (Sherri Jones).
The class was last month.

Rose has been busy not only stitching
but collecting buttons
from ebay and other sources.

This is an amazing piece.
And all are unique because of the buttons that 
you choose to treasure.
P.S. Some muttering from Rose's corner of the world, too!

Yes, there was a lot of murmuring and muttering going on...
you know how it is when you seem to have forgotten how to count.

All this was outweighed by sharing time and laughs and stories 
with stitching gal pals.

Happy Stitching, All!


  1. Muttering going on all over the place today rofl. I love the stitching. The piece you have stitched in memory of your mum is beautiful. And I love the button book! I have never seen anything like is gorgeous

  2. I'm STILL fuming over the cancelled class! I could have stayed and finished at least one of the box top quilts! Oh, and there was muttering from me too, since I cut the strips the wrong size! LOL Keep on stitching!

  3. Love the BBD fabrics! So yummy! What a sweet BBD finish for the memory of your mom. Pretty buttons too!

  4. Congrats on finishing Wild Garden! Rose's Button Book is just... awesome.

  5. Your Wild Garden finish is so pretty, Bobbi! Such a lovely way to remember your mother. And those blue fabrics--just gorgeous :)

    Rose's Button Book is amazing--have never seen that design before...